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At Avalon Hotel, we always strive to offer the best in service and mixology. Our bar is a place where tradition meets innovation, and our team of skilled bartenders continually works to create new and exciting cocktails that appeal to all tastes. This dedication to quality and creativity has made our bar a central point in Gothenburg’s nightlife.
This year, we are participating in a prestigious competition organized by Pernod Ricard, where we have the opportunity to create a new variant of the classic cosmopolitan cocktail. Our very own Anton Olsson has crafted a unique and delicate version that we call “Cosmokultur Avalon.” This cocktail is a tribute to the creative spirit we constantly foster at Avalon.

Here is the recipe for our Cosmokultur Avalon:
Cosmokultur Avalon, created by Anton Olsson

100 ml freshly squeezed orange juice
100 ml cranberry juice
100 ml Absolut Vodka
20 ml maple syrup
3 g citric acid
3 g malic acid
30 g plain yogurt
Zest of 1 orange

Combine all ingredients except the orange zest in a bowl.
Squeeze the oil from the orange zest into the bowl and then add the zest as well.
Stir thoroughly and then strain the mixture through a coffee filter.
Pour the mixture into a bottle.
Pour 70 ml of the mixture into a mixing glass with ice, stir until the drink is cold, and strain into a chilled Nick & Nora glass with an orange zest garnish.
Serve and enjoy.

This cocktail perfectly exemplifies how we blend classic flavors with modern techniques to create something unique at our hotel.
“The competition is all about finding Sweden’s tastiest yet most innovative Cosmopolitan. The guiding star for the drink is always Absolut Citron, but for this competition, we want to see bartenders being even more creative. Will they depart from the classic Triple Sec, lime, and cranberry juice? Will the summer’s drink even be pink?” says Rickard Edman, Senior Brand Manager for Absolut at Pernod Ricard Sweden.
Our drink at Avalon turned out pink, but we hope you’ll be tempted to stop by and try our summery creation and our wide range of other fantastic cocktails.

Read about all the entries here!


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