Avalon Hotel, situated in the heart of Gothenburg, is meant to be an inspiring oasis. Its central location makes it a perfect hub for shopping, culture, culinary experiences, entertainment, and nightlife. What truly sets apart the hotel experience, however, is our architecture, art, and design.

Our hotel offers 101 rooms with six different room categories, including the Penthouse Suite and Deluxe rooms. We are a cash-free hotel and recommend guests to be 20 years and older. Interior design, lighting, scent, and sound play a crucial role in making our guests as comfortable as possible, and our Feng Shui certification attests to our commitment.

Good food and drinks are always an integral part of an outstanding hotel stay, available through our experienced staff in the kitchen, restaurant, and cocktail bar. The staff and our level of service are something incredibly important to us, setting Avalon apart. Read our reviews and awards for details about our service.

On the hotel’s top floor, you’ll find our gem: the Penthouse Suite. Here, you can enjoy solitude in the sauna, relax in front of the fireplace, or take a dip in the rooftop pool – all with a fantastic view of Gothenburg.

With numerous artworks adorning our walls, you get the feeling of walking through a gallery you can reside in. Each chair, coffee table, and sofa is curated by carefully selected designers, each with a history, origin, and story of how that specific artwork or piece of furniture came to Avalon. Stories that our helpful staff are eager to share.

Avalon is about offering bold and relaxed elegance. Here, it should be easy to both do nothing and do exactly what you want.

Welcome to Avalon!


Founded in August 2004, we, the Avalonists, aimed to challenge conventions and provide a superior hotel experience. We emphasize the right attitude, being attentive and responsive to guests, anticipating the unexpected, and being ready to improvise. Our focus is to create an environment where guests feel seen without the effort of being noticeable, much like a well-trodden forest path.

Avalon distinguishes itself from regular hotels. We chose to travel the world to find the right atmosphere. Visits to cities such as Los Angeles, Milan, New York, Madrid, Paris, Copenhagen, and London have influenced our perspective on the role of the concierge and how guests engage with the hotel and its surroundings.

Our focus is offering a hotel experience based on a shift in perspective, starting with our own preferences as guests. We understand the importance of being present, and guests appreciate a generous staff.

We believe the dining experience is central, and during our travels, we noticed that simplicity could be as appreciated as luxury. We value a relaxed atmosphere and an attentive staff, striving to create a meaningful internal experience for our guests.

Avalon Hotel is not just a place to stay; it is a journey that we want to touch all the senses. We dream of providing a hotel stay where every moment is memorable and every detail is carefully considered.



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