At Avalon Hotel, we are committed to a sustainable future by minimizing our environmental impact and working towards a climate-neutral hotel.

We recognize our responsibility as part of society and strive to reduce our environmental footprint in everything we do. By adhering to a structured environmental management system and our ISO 14001 certification, we continuously work to improve our environmental efforts. This means maintaining a high standard of our services while striving for ongoing environmental improvements.

Our environmental measures include optimizing the use of materials and chemicals, reducing water and energy usage, and actively reducing food waste in our restaurant through careful monitoring and optimization.

Initiatives we take pride in include:

  • A breakfast buffet with certified and organic options such as coffee, eggs, and milk.
  • Offering organic wines in our restaurant.
  • A commitment to reuse and recycle as much as possible, including refurbishing furniture instead of replacing it.
  • Replacing over 2000 halogen bulbs with energy-efficient alternatives.

Through these efforts, Avalon Hotel actively works towards a more sustainable operation and reduced environmental impact, while maintaining a high level of service for our guests.



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