Why not rent the whole Penthouse the next time you come to us?

The sky is the limit. Watch the sun go down behind the rooftops, Avalon gives you an outdoor experience in the middle of town.

The whole Penthouse suite, terrace and pool for yourself after 19:00. You can rent it for sleeping, conference or for an event. The Avalon roof terrace with the adjoining Penthouse suite and pool means enjoyment at high altitude. All senses must be satisfied, swim among the rooftops in our pool and enjoy the sun in the open air.
During the day the pool and terrace are used by our lovely guests. Here is our pool that has a transparent bottom and protruding a few metres from the facade over Kungsportsplatsen. In the evenings the terrace area with the pool and our suite can be rented.

It fits everything from intimate cocktail parties to mingle buffets and party arrangements, seafood buffet and barbeque evenings, perhaps with its own DJ?

Contact us with your requirements, we will hear from you soon, right?
BOOK AN EVENT or give us a call  +46 (0) 31 751 02 00