Extraordinary rooms for extraordinary people

We know that everyone wants to stay & meet at Avalon – Really.
Here the days begin and here they end.

 We work on behalf of our expectant guests.

The role of Avalon is to make the entire stay memorable and make every moment meaningful for our guests. The hotel, with its location and 101 rooms with 202 beds, is the very foundation of our business and our guest’s visit. The architecture and the location affects the ambiance greatly. The possibilities of the central location and the interior comfort greatly impact the ambiance. It’s easy to do both nothing and whatever you want.

From the sixth floor and above the sky is included in the price. A distinctly urban feel becomes a grand outdoor experience. As a hotel guest you have access to our terrace between the hours 12:00 – 18:00 during the period May-September (subject to when the terrace is booked). Of course there is free access to WiFi throughout our hotel, it should be easy to stay connected, but don’t forget to occasionally turn off, being disconnected is relaxing. It should be easy to be our guest regardless of business or pleasure or both. The ambiance at Avalon is based on a relaxed, elegant interior design and decoration that lets you be who you are. Our Scandinavian roots are clearly visible and forms a beautiful, functional, contemporary feel.

24 rooms have private open bathroom and three rooms has their own mini-gym. All rooms have the same high quality, it’s the size of the room that determines to which of the six room categories it belongs. Our lovely beds are made up with Egyptian cotton sheets, on our bed menu, you choose precisely the pillow you want. Take a moment and browse our image gallery, here you will see a selection of our different rooms, functional architecture and personalized decor.

Beneath the beautiful exterior you discover the true meaning. The best service is the one that is not seen, which is not noticed. You never need to ask for. It’s all about preparation and improvisation in perfect harmony. About to listen and observe.

Tomorrow begins today, welcome to the Avalon hotel, more than just a roof over your head