Avalon and Gothenburg City Mission

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LIKE & SHARE for charity


We cooperate with Gothenburg City Mission and in December 2014 the sale of our exclusive cushion covers started at the Avalon Hotel, Kungstorget 9, designed by artist Karolina Palmér. The cushion cover costs 550 SEK (55 Euro) and is available at the front desk of the hotel or you can place your order via marknad@svenskastadshotell.se
The money goes to exposed children, young people and families in Gothenburg.

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All stories have a beginning and hopefully a happy ending. Our common journey started when two people met, Mia Landin of Avalon Hotel & Ulrica Hellichius from Gothenburg City Mission. Liking arose and despite the different activities and different backgrounds, we realized that we share a common ground – that all people are equal.
We created values that everyone involved could stand for: friendship, availability, welcoming, equality, community, participation, meetings.

Art became the result of  our common journey. The artist Karolina Palmér made a painting, the subject became an exclusive pillow case that can only be purchased at the Avalon Hotel.
The artwork we call LIKE & SHARE and the original artwork will hang at the hotel for a limited period. All money from the sale will go to Gothenburg City Mission work with exposed children, youth and families.


Gothenburg City Mission


Gothenburg City Mission works to assist and support individuals living in deprivation. The organization works in two main directions: a social work funded by donated gifts and activities procured by the municipality and region.

We are driven by a good idea – the idea to support vulnerable people who ended up in precarious situations.