ABOUT Avalon

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Avalon – A Feng Shui hotel

Feng Shui is a Chinese teaching of wisdom more than 3 000 years old , a “design philosophy” that has nothing to do with religion, but which provide us with guidelines for a life in harmony with nature and how to get a sense of pleasure where we are staying. The basic idea of Feng Shui is that we are influenced by everything around us – colors, shapes, material and various energy fields. To give a room a comfortable feeling, it’s important to know the Feng Shui tools to be used and to use them properly. Feng Shui is not just an art but also a science and a way of thinking, with the goal of achieving balance and harmony for all stages of life. Feng Shui is all about simplicity without being minimalist.

Together with architects and interior designers, we´ve created a friendlier environment by rounding off most sharp corners. In order to experience that feeling to the fullest, we recommend a visit in the hallway on the fourth floor with its sinuous shapes. Notice the rippling waters of the entrance which according to Feng Shui welcomes both guests and prosperity. All colors and shapes are designed to give our guests the most pleasant hotel stay possible. The observant can find both wind chimes and salt water cures that are deployed to create an optimal Feng Shui.