ABOUT Avalon

Environment Diploma


With great interest and positive spirit, we strive for a long-term sustainable development of the environment and care about future generations’ continued access to vital natural resources.

All people are dependent on the environment being in balance and it’s only together that a lasting improvement can be created, therefore, we strive to promote environmental awareness among our employees, guests and suppliers through regular environmental training and information about ongoing environmental work. The aim is to maintain the high quality of our hotel services while we implement continuous improvement of our environmental performance. Our focus shall be on the following areas; employee training, eco-labeled food/beverage, suppliers, recycling and waste reduction, water and energy consumption. Our actively driven environmental work will contribute to a positive development that is continuously evaluated through every employee’s care and commitment. We are proud to have earned the Environment Diploma from Svensk Miljöbas

To earn an environmental diploma for a business you need to implement an environmental management system according to the requirements of Svensk Miljöbas. The environmental management system is a tool to create order in environmental work and reduce the environmental impact. The path to a Diploma consists, among other things, in identifying the environmental impact, plan and implement environmental improvements, train our employees and continuously monitor and improve our environmental performance.

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