Bar & Lounge Menu



  • Avalons snacks with crispy bacon chips, soy cured mushrooms, smoked nutmix, beer sausage, comté and kimchi mayonnaise 145 KR
  • Oysters, fine de claire oysters served with schallot vinaigrette 35KR/PCS
  • Avalons shrimp sandwich (200g) with MSC marked shrimps, homebaked bread, mayonnaise, egg 255 KR
  • Avalons shrimp sandwich (120g) with msc marked shrimps, homebaked bread, mayonnaise, egg 189 KR
  • Caesarsallad with herb baked chicken fillet, bacon, apples, crutons and aged parmesan 198 KR
  • Potato and celeriac gnocchi with pickled pear, roquefort, lemon and hazelnut vinaigrette 225 KR
  • Veal burger with bbq glaze, tomato, bacon, french fries, cheddar and jalapeno dip 210 KR
  • Avalons selection of cheese, 4 cheeses served with bayleaf bread and carraway crisp 155 KR
  • Crème brûlée flavoured with vanilla, served with roasted white chocolate and todays sorbet 115 KR