a lá Carte Menu



  • Grilled avocado 145 KR
    with pickled green tomatoes, fried quinoa, lime,  cilantro and sour loveage
  • Tartar of swedish veal from Dalsjöfors 145 KR
    with pickled carrots, dill, flaxseeds  and vinegar mayonnaise
  • Deep fried langoustine 165 KR
    with green pea & mint stomp, soy tapioca and langoustine vinaigrette


  • Butter fried cod from the North sea 285 KR
    with roasted jerusalem artichokes, summer beats, lemon & ox jus
  • Whole lemon sole 265 KR
    with potatoes, mushrooms, shrimps from Östragärde gård, horseradish, grilled lemon, browned butter
  • 300g grilled beef sirloin from Australia 325 KR
    with asparagus croquette, grilleda sparagus, tarragon emulsion and red wine sauce
  • Tartar of beef from Skåne 255 KR
    with pommes allumettes, dried beets, fried onions and horseradish mayonnaise
  • Organic linguine 225 KR
    with buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes from Bua, zucchini, parmesan and roasted tomato sauce
  • KRAV-certified burger of swedish chuck roll 210 KR
    with roasted corn, onion slaw, chipotle mayonnaise, cilantro, french fries



  • Créme Brûlée 115 KR
    with roasted white chocolate and sorbet of the week
  • Strawberries and passionfruit 125 KR
    with pineapple, mint and coconut sorbet
  • Rhubarbsorbet 125 KR
    with rose meringue and raspberry mousse

Avalons a lá Carte menu is served monday – saturday from 17.00