a lá Carte Menu



  • Avalon Snack plate 145 KR
    Smoked nutmix, soy marinated mushrooms, Gruyére, beer sausage and crispy bacon chips
  • Oysters 35 KR/PCS
    Fine de claire from Normandie with chardonnay vinegar and lemon
  • Grilled asparagus 135 KR
    with pickled salsify, cured egg yolk, elderflower and aged Svecia cheese
  • Fried scallops 165 KR
    with baked celeriac, butterfried sourdough bread, dill emulsion and lemon foam
  • Swedish caviar from Kalix 275 KR
    50 g, with butter fried toast, sourcream and lemon


  • Potato and celeriac gnocchi * 225 KR
    With pickled pears, kohlrabi, roasted walnuts, Roquefort, lemon and walnut vinaigrette
  • Cod from Norway * 275 KR
    With early potatoes, green asparagus, horseradish cream, smoked trout roe and buerre blanc
  • Baked brill from the North Sea 295 KR
    with langoustine risotto, fried cauliflower, crispy chorizo, dill and langoustine vierge
  • Chicken from Mowitz 255 KR
    With confit potatoes, fried portabello, ramson and roasted corn & chicken velouté
  • Grilled lamb racks 285 KR
    with braised lamb shank, goat cheese croquette, marinated tomatoes and lamb jus with roasted garlic



  • Cheese plate 155 SEK
    Brie de meaux, Tomme d´aydius, Gruyère Corsé, Bleu des causses
  • Try four cheeses paired with four wines 275 KR
  • Chocolate truffle 45 SEK
  • Avalons crème brûlée 115 SEK
    with roasted white chocolate and sorbet
  • Chocolate and pear 125 KR
    with Manjari chocolate, pear cream, bay leaf ice cream and malt crisp
  • Rhubarbsorbet 115 KR
    with cardamom cream, tarragon meringue and fennel crumble

Avalons a lá Carte menu is served monday – saturday from 17.00

Dishes marked with a * gives 10kr to BRIS, to help children in need.