a lá Carte Menu



  • Swedish caviar from Kalix 255 SEK
    50 g. With butter fried toast, sourcream and lemon
  • Pickled sea buckthorn 135 SEK
    Variety of carrot, roasted sunflower seeds, soy cream and cress (vegetarian)
  • Deep-fried langoustine 145 SEK
    From Skagerack, with Jerusalem artichoke, dill and acetic emulsion
  • Oysters 35 SEK
    Fine de claire from Normandie with Chardonnay vinegar and lemon
  • Oysters, three ways 145 SEK
    Fine de claire from Normandie with three different flavors


  • Roasted beets 225 SEK
    With deep-fried goat cheese, chervil, crispy sourdough and walnut milk (vegetarian)
  • Baked artic char 245 SEK
    Cultivated in Manglomaj, served with almond potato chips, Seaweeds, smoked trout roe andoyster sauce                                                                                                           
  • Lobster velouté 295 SEK
    With poached hook caught halibut from Norway, pan fried scallops, breaded lobster, pickled roots and aioli
  • Organic chicken from Bosarp 245 SEK
    With puy lentils, chanterelles from Svartedalen, mushroom jus, onion chips and salsify
  • Grilled aged sirloin steak “tournedos” 285 SEK
    Confit and ovenbaked potatoes, cabbage, fried mushrooms and onion jus



  • Cheese plate 155 SEK
    4 cheeses served with bread
  • Chocolate truffle 45 SEK
  • Avalons crème brulée 115 SEK
    Wild strawberry sorbet and roasted white chocolate
  • Blueberry sorbet 125 SEK
    With cardamom ice cream, spruce jelly and Juniper sponge
  • Raspberry ice cream 135 SEK
    Chocolate cream, merengue and meadowsweet

Avalons a lá Carte menu is served monday – saturday from 17.00