a lá Carte Menu



  • Swedish caviar 255 SEK
    From Kalix with butterfried brioche, sourcream and lemon jelly
  • Seared fresh scallops 175 SEK
    Served with carrots, dill, panko fried blue mussel and cellery
  • Swedisch veal tartar from Dalsjöfors 145 SEK
    Served with dill, pickled carrots, flaxseeds and vinegar mayonnaise


  • Vegetarian linguine 225SEK
    Served with organic mushrooms from Östagärde farm, Italian black truffles and aged Svecia cheese
  • Butterfried cod 275SEK
    Served with summerbeets, cream of leeks and lemon jus                                                                                                            
  • Veal schnitzel 225 SEK
    Served with parsley poetatos, yellopw beans, anchovy butter and capers cream
  • Whole lemon sol from GG181 Västerland 245 SEK
    Served with early potatoes, chanterelles, dill and browned butter
  • Blackened dry aged (25days) beef from Australia (300g) 325 SEK
    Served  with grilled sweet gem, potato croquette, onions and red wine jus
  • Swedish veal tartar from Dalsjöfors 255 SEK
    Served with dill, pickled carrots, flaxseeds, vinegar mayonnaies and french fries


  • Avalons Creme Brulée 95 SEK
    Served with sorbet and roasted white chocolate
  • Wild strawberry parfait 115 SEK
    Served with strawberrys, elderflower, chamomill and rose petals
  • Rhubarb sorbet 115 SEK
    Served with fennel cream, roasted buckwheat and tarragon maringue
  • Chocolate truffel 35 SEK
    From Valrhona


  • Meetballs 105 SEK
    Served  with boiled potatoes, cramberries and cream sauce
  • Chicken fillet 105 SEK
    Served with french fries
  • Todays fresh fish 105 SEK
    Served with boiled potatoes and browned butter


Avalons a lá Carte menu is served monday – saturday from 17.00