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AVALON HOTEL Kungstorget 9 . 411 17 Gothenburg Sweden . +46 (0)31 751 02 00 .
HOTEL AVALON Kungstorget 9 . 411 17 Göteborg . +46 31 751 02 00 .
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Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy dating back more than 3,000 years, a ‘design philosophy’ that has nothing to do with religion, but which provides guidelines for living life in harmony with nature and for obtaining a feeling of well-being where one resides.

The fundamental idea of Feng Shui is that we are affected by everything around us – colours, shapes, materials and different energy fields. In order to provide a room with a welcoming feeling, we must know which Feng Shui tools to use and how to use them correctly.

Feng Shui is an art form, a science and a way of thinking, with the aim of achieving balance and harmony at all stages of life. Feng Shui is about simplicity without being minimalist.

Together with architects and interior designers, we've created a friendlier environment by rounding off most sharp corners. In order to experience this feeling to the full, we recommend a visit to the corridor on the fourth floor with its meandering lines. Notice the trickling water in the foyer, which according to Feng Shui welcomes both guests and prosperity. All the colours and lines have been chosen to provide hotel guests with as agreeable a stay as possible. Keen observers will find both wind chimes and saltwater cures arranged to create the optimum Feng Shui environment.